Interim Service


Service Overview

Our Interim Servicing consists of a 40 point health check.

Some of the features of this service

  • Check vechicle Service Book history and any customer comments
  • Check for correct clutch operation
  • Check handbrake for operation and travel
  • Check for damage to bodywork, lights, number plates, etc.
  • Check for engine oil leaks, axle oil level and gearbox oil level
  • Check steering and suspension components for wear
  • Check propshaft, drive shaft gaiters for wear and leaks and joints for operation and wear
  • Check shock absorbers for security and leaks
  • Check and top up brake & clutch fluid
  • Inspect exhaust system for security and leaks
  • Check security of hand brake linkages and lubricate if required
  • Drain, replace engine oil (special oils – additional charge)
  • Replace oil filter

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