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Electronic Tuning Service

What is chiptuning

A car powered by the injection system has a device called a control unit or controller. It is a specialized computer called “Engine Control Unit”, ECU. The unit is responsible for parameters of engine performance under all conditions of speed and load. Operation parameters are stored in the form of a table and are placed in the ECU memory. Chip Tuning optimizes the parameters in the table so as to increase flexibility and efficiency. As a result, after chiptuning we receive an increase in the power of 8% for fuel cars without turbo and 35% for Turbo Petrol and Turbo Diesel.

Why is not carried out directly at the factory?

The parameters entered to the ECU, as well as the program are developed by the manufacturer with the aim of incomplete optimizing resulting from the three main reasons:
– Sometimes the engine works in spite of damages to control units and is powered often with the use of poor quality fuel. Moreover, used consumables are of average quality and are not replaced on time. On the one hand, this factory safety margin protects against user failures who do not care about their cars and do not provide cars with basic service. Chip tuning improves these parameters.

Manufacturer’s warranty and chip tuning

A very important problem here is the issue of manufacturer’s warranty. If the chip was replaced in your computer, it theoretically leads to loss of warranty. However, most of the modifications are made in such a way so as to be undetectable by the service equipment of a particular car make in standard static tests, which are carried out during car warranty inspections. Furthermore, more advanced inspection with the use of an examiner (e.g., any dynamics tests performed when reporting faults) may show differences in relation to its factory settings. It follows that, during normal contacts with the service station, you can lose the warranty if you boast about making modifications in the computer.

How do we do it …

The main parameter that is modified in the program is a dose of fuel. The upper limit of the charging reduction of the turbine is also increased, which results in higher pressure in the intake manifold. Depending on the amount of increased fuel, the injection dynamics angle is accelerated in order that fuel be burn longer without excessive smoking. In addition, in engines with the Common Rail system, the fuel pressure in the main CR rail is increased. The most important element that determines safety of the engine and drivetrain is the torque limiter. Here the tuner must have appropriate skills in defining and adjusting the course of torque curve so that the vehicle acceleration be smooth and soft, which is crucial to the service life of the gearbox or a clutch in a vehicle. Modifications are carried out to keep the AFR fuel-air balance and prevent from excessive smoking. Reading and writing can be carried out in several ways: through the OBD connector in the vehicle, through controller’s plugs on the diagnostic table and through the BDM connector on the diagnostic table. We mostly use the least invasive technique, but it is not always possible, and it does not always go together with the safety of engine controller.

We don’t install ready-made programs

We don’t install ready-made programs (made in object-oriented programming language).
We make every modification on our own using original licensed program based on original software read from a particular vehicle. Such modifications do not cause any errors or make different indicator lights turn on. There will not be any communication problems with diagnostics computer or other interfaces, and the modification will be undetectable for the service.


It is worth noting that:

  • Chiptuning does not affect durability of the engine while keeping deadlines of replacing consumables
  • Chiptuning does not increase fuel consumption and after proper modifications (SL ECO) reduces consumption by up to 10-15% during the “eco riding” style
  • Chiptuning increases car power but mainly improves the torque and optimizes engine supply providing that you use good quality fuel

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