A/C Services

Regular car air conditioning maintenance reduces the risk of premature compressor failure that can save you around €500.

Service Details

We are offering Air conditioning services, diagnostics, and repairs for R134a and for new gas R1234yf.
We have certified experts at our Tyre Centre, and they handle all kinds of air conditioning services there to ensure the best possible solutions to your A/C problems. Our first concern is to diagnose the exact issue because issues with air conditioning systems can be due to many reasons, and they must be dealt accordingly. After the diagnosis, one must refer the issue to the concerned expert. That is why we deal in some specific areas of A/C issues only.

Our experts offer the following services at the IC Garage & Tyre Centre:

  • Testing for any leakages of the refrigerant gas of the air conditioning system
  • Testing for any issues with the temperature of the interior cabin
  • Restoring an appropriate refrigerant for the air conditioning system
  • Restoring the lubrication levels according to the test results
  • Restoring the ability of getting desired temperature within the interior cabin

Why is it important to maintain my car air conditioning system?

Most of the car owners all around the globe have air conditioning issues, especially during the days when it is most needed. The only reason is not giving importance to the A/C system of the car that sends the A/C system to decreased efficiency and hence not providing you a properly conditioned air. Mostly people believe that their car’s A/C system is not good so does not work that good, but it’s not the case. It is because of not providing a regular maintenance to your A/C system.

  • By keeping a regular check on your air conditioning system, you can avoid any loss of refrigerant efficiency that can in turn reduce cooling
  • Regular maintenance also shows if the lubrication is up to required levels
  • If both the air conditioning system’s refrigerant and lubrication meets the required levels, you can ultimately avoid the aforementioned risk of having a premature compressor failure that usually occurs due to negligence of car owners.
  • Desired levels of these two components of the system lets you achieve the desired temperature for your interior cabin, and you will always have a comfortable drive in every season whether you are with your family, with your friends or having some lone time.

One should also know that besides uses of Refrigerant gas it has extremely harmful effects on our ozone layer as well and any leakages may contribute to its damage. So by imagining how many cars are on the roads and if we don’t care about our car’s A/C systems, we are damaging our environment by neglecting the importance of its maintenance.

How often should I have my car’s air conditioning system serviced?

It is said that air conditioning systems lose 10-15% of the refrigerant gas in a year and according to this observed number one should yearly have its A/C system checked. So if you left it for like 2 years, the amount of your A/C refrigerant gas would have been decreased about 20-30%. This decrease actually reduces the ability to achieve the desired temperature, and people think that their A/C system is not capable enough. But the true story is that your system is not working on its 100%. So whenever you notice a decrease in the cooling ability of your A/C system, you should better have it serviced and bring your A/C system back to its maximum capacity.

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